079 :: shrimp

first off,
the quality of this photo sucks.
i took it with my phone's camera.
tonight we went to dinner at
the coastal kitchen.
every couple of months or so
they change their menu
to feature cuisine from different parts of the world.
right now they are featuring
the delicacies from new oreleans.
this is a bowl of shrimp..
heads and all.
i did not eat this.
but it looked fun.


078 :: equals

teacher development day
full day at glsa
coffee in the morning.
like my mug?
ooh, man..
what a great day.
i got to spend 1/3 of it outside
soaking up rays.
seattle's the best.

077 :: day light

it's sunny now when i get off work at 6.


076 :: st. patricks day

what is this holiday again?
can someone google it
and explain to me
it's meaning?
this is the leprechaun i made today
at work.
he has a pot of gold.
he was made out of a
toilet paper roll.


075 :: love is in the air

i love this kid.
this is the same child,
the angelic, sweet, bright-eyed
kindergartner who endearingly
called me a"silly bitch."
i was perusing the kids cubbies in the morning
and came across this duo.
these are foxes, not squirrels.
the little girl whom they belong to
asked earlier if she could
put them back in her cubby.
what a precarious position we've found you in mr. and mrs. fox..
i love kids.

074 :: mid-day scrabble

katie and i hung out today.
i showed her my new apartment
and then we had lunch
at a thai place down the street.
after we had time to kill
and thought we'd run some
errands, but instead
we ended up playing a
riveting game of scrabble.
i won.
i particularly like the combination of
"whored" and "doomed."
also, we poorly used our blanks.


073 :: sunday home

sunday means home.
among other things.