053 :: winter vs spring

i woke up this morning at 6:30
and it was light outside!
the days are getting longer
and i'm thrilled.
the weather has been unbelievably wonderful
and i'm soooo looking forward to actual spring.

052 :: birthdays

making a wish.
happy birthday emily.


051 :: banjo

we got my dad to
play his banjo tonight.

050 :: medieval day

like my princess hat?
yeah, i wore it all day.

049 :: what i get paid to do

i get paid to go bowling.

048 :: buttons

work. crafts. fun.


047 :: ho tai

rub his belly for good luck.

046 :: chair from the future

could this be the chair that i sit in
in 2 months?

045 :: rockwell

this is part of a set of norman rockwell figurines..
i think they're creepy.


044 :: crumbly muffins

what i did today:
  • vacuumed
  • put dishes away
  • cleaned the bathroom
  • unclogged the sink
  • laundry
  • made delicious crumbly banana muffins
my apartment smells wonderful.

043 :: breakfast with the bestest

penny and i had delicious breakfast.
and i wanted to go out.
what was i thinking?
this was 1 billion times better.
and more delicious.

042 :: decorated

we had the kids decorate their cupcakes.


041 :: dinner

being a "grown-up" means you get to eat whatever you want for dinner.

040 :: city sites

i was driving north on i-5 towards seattle yesterday
and wanted badly to take a picture of my favorite turn -
the one that gives you a sweeping view
of the city skyline and the ship yard.
it's not too safe to take picture while driving at 70mph.. a
nd it was cloudy.. but here it is.

039 :: childish

remember when you were a kid on valentine's day and decorate envelopes and tape them on to your desks for your classmates to put valentines in? i work at a daycare and still get to do that. jealous?


038 :: breakfast

every sunday
(and several other days of the week)
my dad and i have breakfast together.
today we went to
the hi-spot in ballard.
it was delicious.

037 :: is it noticeable?

i hung out with bess. i ate pizza and watched 'whip it'
while she made declicious cup cakes.
she spilled a litte frosting on herself and exclaimed,
"is it noticeable?"
no, not at all.

036 :: klumpy

i joined steph and co at the q-cafe
to see
justin klump (and sam)
fantastic as always,
jokes included.

035 :: shoes!

this is only a fraction of the shoes owned
by my roommate and myself.

034 :: jules

this is my parents new cat.
his name is jules..
which is short for:
orange julius caesar salad.
my parents are quite the clever ones.

033 :: work space

i spend a lot of time at my desk.
this is what i see every time i glance to my right.
and yes, that is a hannah montana sparkly sticker.

032 :: cleanliness

i love my shower shelf.
the colors are pretty.

031 :: best place ever

my mom does estate sales. they are neat when all i have to do is drop by
and see the cool things there are to sell.
they are NOT enjoyable when i have to work them.
there was this neat light globe though..
hello seattle.

030 :: stuff in my car part 6

final installment.

029 :: stuff in my car part 5

028 :: stuff in my car part 4

027 :: stuff in my car part 3

026 :: stuff in my car part 2

025 :: stuff in my car part 1

i work at a day care. i make things out of clay and shrinky-dinks a lot.

000 :: interruption


i haven't posted in two weeks. i have taken the photos, but i've just been insanely lazy.

i just need a little push.

here's a fresh new batch.


<3 mei-ling