024 :: these boots were made for walking

i love these shoes. they were $16.00.

023 :: banana bread

delicious.. with lots of honey and chocolate chips.


022 :: i like work

i get to play fun games..

and eat delicious food.

021 :: a new wardrobe

my mom is awesome. she goes shopping often and many of those times she'll come back with things she thinks i might want.. like this little number. yes, that is a kittie coat. i respectfully declined.

020 :: wax

this is the product of several years of different candles never being changed out..

019 :: broken

my beautiful, wonderful, reliable '93 honda accord ate it hard on sunday night and was over heating like crazy and i had it towed to my mechanic.. and they estimated $2000 to repair it. i talked it over with the fam and the decision was to get a new car and get rid of my wonderful honda that i've grown very attached to in the last six years.. until then i got to drive my mom's questionable '85 nissan 300 zx.. jealous?

018 :: apparently it's january

today was beeeeautiful. my sister and i took a walk downtown monday because my car was broken and it was wonderful. what a great january.

note: stephanie, jealous?


017 :: dress-up

i'm a strong believer that animals should never wear clothing. they have full body fur, they can deal with the winter. my mother does not seem to share this view.

my mom bought some baby clothes from the dollar store (we can talk about this ridiculousness of that sentence later). she has a new cat named Jules who she would love nothing more than to dress up like the doll she believes him to be. when she attempted to dress him in a little blue long-sleeved number he ran far away. my cat, Jazzy, wasn't as clever and she paid the price.

"help me.."

perhaps horizontal stripes are good for kitties either?

"i'm never forgetting this."

"never cuddling with you ever again."

016 :: lazy

netflix is ruining my life. i had the most amazingly lazy, fantastic relaxing day ever. i woke up around 10am, made myself a delicious breakfast and large amount of coffee, and then proceeded not to change into human clothes, but stayed in my sweats and watched the office... the entire day. it was magical.


015 :: transitions

time: 8:30pm; location: bess, ellen, and leann's couch; drink: vanilla bubble tea with tapioca
time: 8:34pm; location: bess, ellen, and leann's couch; drink: vanilla bubble tea with tapioca
time: 2:05am; location: bess, ellen, and leann's couch; drink: one bottle of chardonnay
dear roommate of mine, it's been fun. let's do this again in a month or so and i'll promise to take more interesting shots and perhaps more that you are aware of me taking...
note: notice calise's awesome haircut.. what a hottie!


014 :: like a babe

i hear that middle of the day naps are nice. i wouldn't know.. but calise does now.

apparently i'm incapable of taking a faltering picture of calise according to calise, which is a bunch of bologna. so the goal tomorrow is to take a "flattering" photograph of this lady which won't be too hard :)


013 :: impending boredom

once upon a time there was a health safety regulation that forced all those who handle food to become certified to do so safely. for one to become certified he or she must take a class that teaches common sense facts about how to store food in the refrigerator and how long to wash hands to ensure cleanliness. to receive the shiny business card sized food handlers permit one must pass a truly difficult test. today calise was lucky enough to take part in the age old tradition.

excitement is written all over her face on the elevator ride down to impending boredom.

don't worry, she passed.


012 :: the smell of failure

in the immortal words of sue sylvester, "i'm going to ask you to smell your armpits. that's the smell of failure and it's stinking up my office."

this is calise's rage dive after coming home tonight after a loss against the dreaded riot. bastards.


011 :: calise, a portrait of irritation

my dear roommate, calise, had this brilliant idea that i take pictures of her as a 'theme week.' she was joking, but since i have no sense of humor i said, "game on."

with each picture i will share some insightful words and fun facts about the lady who sleeps in the room next to mine.

today's words of wisdom courtesy of my fb favorite quotes:

"hey, you could donate your eggs."

"i meant actual caves, not vagina's."

"which quote, you mean the one about spelunking?"

"i'm sweating. i mean i wasn't. i mean my armpits are sticky."

thanks for the idea, buddy.


010 :: greenery

today's sunday... sunday means day with the family.. which really meant majority of the day at the parents house by myself watching cable. here's a winter photo of my lovely backyard.

i'm sick of landscape pictures.. i need to amp this game up.... anyone up for a themed week? :)


009 :: a day in the park

today bess and i went on a walk down broadway and walked back through cal anderson park. even on a cloudy, cold day the fountain and pond is beautiful.


it was a good day capped off by some good 'ol jack and the box. heeeeeeealthy.


008 :: birthday's and hair

first, today is calise's 23rd birthday - happy birthday roommate. i made this classy sign and taped it up so she could see it in the morning before heading down to texas. fun fun fun fun.

then, i got my haircut this afternoon... and here is the final product. it's quite a bit shorter than i've had it in the past.. it's good for the curls. i suppose i could have chosen a better season to have short hair in though, huh?


007 :: concrete jungle

again, with the panoramic.. this is a shot from the balcony of the hotel we stayed in near the venue... mostly skyline, but i thought it was a neat shot.

it was relatively calm the last two days.. i can't imagine what it's going to be like during the olympics. everyone is going to go crazy in a month.

006 :: a little t & s

bess, calise, ellen, and i drove up to vancouver, bc yesterday to see tegan & sara play at the orpheum theatre last night. ellen and bess had row 11 seats on the floor, calise and i had row 24 in the upper balcony.. the very last row, in fact i'm pretty sure that we purchased the very last tickets available.

i've been experimenting with my panoramic setting and have been having a lot of fun with it. here's a shot from between sets taken from seat 110, section L, row 24.

the show was awesome.. and we were also witness to what was probably the BEST tirades on a douche-bag audience member, ever. the opener, an artist from seattle (!!) named austronatalis, was flipped off by a girl in the front row during a song and before the next song he let her have it.. and it was amazing and well deserved.

and i decided, no matter what calise says, canadians are some of the most polite people, ever.


005 :: trolls

in my room at work there's this grate that covers the opening to the basement of the building the daycare is in. we affectionately call it the dungeon. the dungeon is believed to be used for various things such as harboring a troll who we like to feed children we don't find agreeable to and a sausage factory we also like to send children to when they whine.

really, it's just an opening to the gross, dank basement where the heater is located. these three girls periodically will peer down, into the blackness in an attempt to see the troll. today they said that not only did they hear the troll and maybe saw a little bit of him, but he also smells like farts.



004 :: fancy-pants

the break is over.. which means back to school for the little ones.. which means back to work for me. oooh, the school-age day care scene is quite exciting.
there's this kid who likes to play with the risk pieces. he doesn't enjoy playing risk, he just really likes to play with the pieces. he'll group each up according to color and assign them countries. some will be allies and others enemies. when i was a kid risk pieces were colored squares.. now they're fancy generals who ride horses and are followed by cannons.
kids and their fancy toys. spoiled, the lot of 'em.


003 :: the golden years

these bins have been in my life for approximately 22.5 years. they can currently be found in one of the sunday school rooms at my church. they have resided in the same room for longer than i've been on the planet, but were used in the pre-school that once called rooms 4+5 of my church its home.

i was pooped on by a bird at least twice while in attendance at mrs. pattington's art pre-school. i remember that and those bins. ooh..those were the golden years.


002 :: delicious treats

a delicious treat on a blustery day after a "bittersweet, poignant" movie involving themes of "age disparity romance, journey of self-discovery, cons and scams."

dick's sundaes make everything better, even movies that don't end the way you want them to.


001 :: so this is the new year

i resisted the urge to sing "so this is the new year, i don't feel any different..." at several people yesterday and today, but i couldn't decide if it was too cynical, emo, or cliché so i kept my mouth shut.

this is the new year, so perhaps i should try to feel a little different or at least try some different things. so, here's to a year of attempting different..