017 :: dress-up

i'm a strong believer that animals should never wear clothing. they have full body fur, they can deal with the winter. my mother does not seem to share this view.

my mom bought some baby clothes from the dollar store (we can talk about this ridiculousness of that sentence later). she has a new cat named Jules who she would love nothing more than to dress up like the doll she believes him to be. when she attempted to dress him in a little blue long-sleeved number he ran far away. my cat, Jazzy, wasn't as clever and she paid the price.

"help me.."

perhaps horizontal stripes are good for kitties either?

"i'm never forgetting this."

"never cuddling with you ever again."

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  1. that was SO FUNNY. i actually read it outloud to emily because i thought it was so funny hahahaha poor jazzy