008 :: birthday's and hair

first, today is calise's 23rd birthday - happy birthday roommate. i made this classy sign and taped it up so she could see it in the morning before heading down to texas. fun fun fun fun.

then, i got my haircut this afternoon... and here is the final product. it's quite a bit shorter than i've had it in the past.. it's good for the curls. i suppose i could have chosen a better season to have short hair in though, huh?


  1. I need to see a front shot. But Im thinking its super cute!!!

    Did you go to 7 again?

  2. i go to a place near the wholefoods in greenlake called derby.. i love it.

  3. oh my gosh mei-ling... I LOVE IT. but i agree, front shot is necessary.

    and why didnt you go to a hairdresser named tiffany???? FAIL