006 :: a little t & s

bess, calise, ellen, and i drove up to vancouver, bc yesterday to see tegan & sara play at the orpheum theatre last night. ellen and bess had row 11 seats on the floor, calise and i had row 24 in the upper balcony.. the very last row, in fact i'm pretty sure that we purchased the very last tickets available.

i've been experimenting with my panoramic setting and have been having a lot of fun with it. here's a shot from between sets taken from seat 110, section L, row 24.

the show was awesome.. and we were also witness to what was probably the BEST tirades on a douche-bag audience member, ever. the opener, an artist from seattle (!!) named austronatalis, was flipped off by a girl in the front row during a song and before the next song he let her have it.. and it was amazing and well deserved.

and i decided, no matter what calise says, canadians are some of the most polite people, ever.


  1. TEGAN AND SARA!!! So jealous.

  2. ha, get it :)

    it was suuuuuuuuuch a good show.. they played 27 songs. isn't that nuts?!